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Friday, April 24, 2009

State Workers

Published by cck at 4:28 PM

Dude. Florida's in budget hell right now - deals are flying across hallways faster than I can down a diet coke. One of the ideas to balance the budget (and plug that half billion dollar hole) is to punish state workers. Punish - yes, that's my terminology. Some might think a 5% pay cut is not punishment, but I'm guessing those people have had a raise in the past three years.

I do believe some of state government is redundant - and reflective of office procedures that better belong in history. However, the great majority of workers are doing jobs you don't want to do. We're talking everything from prison dentists to budget analysts to the folks who make sure your unemployment check makes it to your mailbox.

What are we thinking? A 5% cut is an income tax directed only at state workers. My other big fear is that a 5% cut will hurt the small businesses in this quaint town. Could the real chamber of commerce please stand up?

*If only the House would get behind some gaming and cigarette "user fees" we'd be all set.


S said...

Kansas is also talking about "furloughs", aka pay cuts. The Speaker of the House would greatly prefer that to any talk of "revenue increases", aka tax hikes. But we're largely in the budget crisis because they cut every business tax imaginable in the last decade and a half. So I'm not really understanding how I should have to accept a pay cut to fix the legislature's colossal budget screw-ups.