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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Published by cck at 6:27 PM

It's the strangest feeling weekend, in that it doesn't feel like a weekend at all. It feels like I'm playing hooky from somewhere. And I like it.

My husband and I are heading to the beach tomorrow to soak up some sun and take advantage of the fact that we live in Florida. Well, that's what I'm telling him. It's actually because I need to lay in the sun - uninterrupted - for a while. I seriously botched some self-tanner.

Not, self-tanner per se... it was Jergens Glow Foam Moisturizer. I used it last year, and it was fine. Great even... But this time? Oh, this time, it was not like years past. It was not fine. Instead, I have strange, orangey strobs (streaky-globs). It's a disaster - and with all the fine weather we've been having in Tallahassee, emergency measures must be taken.

WHY FDA? Why did you have to take away my only other option, the tanning booth?