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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dresses (final)

Published by cck at 6:45 PM

So - are you as bored about all this dress talk as I am?  Wait, who am I kidding?  I love talking about dresses.  I do.  I just do.

I finally made some decisions.  I purchased a rehearsal dress and a dress for the various weddings we have in September.  And I'm tickled by my choices.  Well, I actually want a different dress for late September.  I've been coveting a one-shoulder look.  Perhaps it's too much of The Rachel Zoe Project -- I die.

So, remember when I was whining about you, the internets, holidng out on me.  I found something fabulous --  Somewhere in China, your dress will be made based on your specs, your color and fabric choices.  Shut your mouth!  It takes about two weeks, which means I will be cutting it close for the next shindig, but oh man -- will it be worth it (or maybe this one, or this one).  And, did I mention the prices?  Swoon.

This weekend, I'll get to see an old friend get married to her perfect partner.  It's amazing how these two get through the things life throws at them.  And, they've asked me to be a reader - which is incredibly sweet.  What does one wear when they want to look classy and pretty, but not in any way boobalicious?

Obvs.  Thank you, Nordstrom.  You save the day again!