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Monday, August 23, 2010

Election Day!

Published by cck at 9:13 PM

Floridians will flock to the polls tomorrow to vote in primary and local elections.  One of my favorite people told me that voting was akin to taking communion.  It's important; it's ritual.

And this August 24th, I won't be voting.  Don't worry - I already voted...  for the first time I voted by absentee ballot.  And it was weird.  I missed the whole rigmarole of casting my vote.  I did love all the political mailers I got - I felt seriously popular.  Each day my mailbox was filled with full color, full bleed hope.

Yes, Ms. Dozier I am voting for you.  No, Ms. Headley-Purdue, I do not equate a vote for you with honoring WWII vets.  Yes, Mr. Minor, I thought your full page cash cow was impressive.  And I voted for you, too.  The Hons Aronberg and Gelber, I feel slighted that I didn't get one piece of mail.  Maybe you knew I  was all about Senator Dave?

I love the business behind elections, I love the dreams of candidates, I love every volunteer who wakes up early to wave signs on a street corner.  I have a dog in the fight this year - K. has been working for the Steve Stewart for Mayor campaign.  And, because of it - I took local politics a lot more seriously.

There's not a Democratic way to take out the garbage and there's not a Republican way to lower utility rates.  (I mean, other than the best way is usually the Democratic way).  (Heh).  I wish everyone luck tomorrow.  I hope the folks I believe in get the nod.  I hope the rain stays away.  And I hope everyone enjoys their communion with government.