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Sunday, January 09, 2011

on my birthday: the big 30

Published by cck at 3:13 PM

I turned 30 today.  Or, I suppose I am turning 30 all day long.  I plan on celebrating the new decade all the way to 11:59 PM.  And then - y'know - the whole year.

It's been a laid back sort of day.  We went for brunch, ran some errands and I'm curled up in front of a fire watching Mean Girls.  Seriously perfect day.

Last night, as I lay reading and K. was playing around on his computer (ahem, reading), I realized how relaxed I was about this birthday.  I love my birthday - I used to celebrate with wild abandon.  It was so incredibly important that my birthday was perfect.  One day, all mine.  (And, like, duh.  Not hard to figure out that one out.)

I made an important realization this year.  I don't need my birthday to be perfect.  I don't even need a day that is all about me.  My life is about as perfect as I can handle.  I get more than my share of days that center around things I like, need, want.  I don't have to fight for attention, or to be heard, or to be valued.

It's part me, part my husband, part growing up.  If this is how my thirties are starting -- I couldn't be more excited.

*Also, best present ever: extra large tervis tumbler with a lid and a straw.  It's a grown-up sippy cup.


worker bee said...

Happy belated birthday! You obviously handled turning 30 better than I did. No outward signs of panic, but I just didn't feel ready for thirty. So far so good though! Welcome to the club!