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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

on surviving republicans

Published by cck at 8:44 AM

I attended the Annual Meeting of the Republican Party of Florida last weekend.  Before you get all hot under the collar, let's remember that K. himself is a craz-o Repub.  (Holy crap, I married a craz-o Repub!)

My husband's boss ran for Treasurer of the RPOF and, he won.  I had a small hand (perhaps for a giant) in his election and it was quite fun to design collateral that would resonate in the minds of Republicans (albeit not that difficult).  I was almost pushed over the edge when I was asked to plan the Hospitality Suite. 

But, let's face it - I love a good Hospitality Suite.  And I adore K.'s boss, so it wasn't really that hard to agree.  I didn't say anything that outright agreed with any of the Republicans, but I did say "them" when referring to Democrats.  I wore a hair shirt the next day, don't worry.

Honestly, it made me sort of homesick.  I loved our conventions in South Carolina.  I'm not homesick enough to throw my lot in with the other side, but it did make me want to try to get involved with the Leon County party again.  Who knows, can you see K. manning my hospitality suite someday?