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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Published by cck at 11:32 PM

I'm thirty.  And nothing feels like thirty than having a patch (seriously - a patch) of silver hairs cropping up at the crown of my head.  Not okay. 

I'll be in Atlanta for the weekend, thanks to my first ever successful purchase via Priceline (negotiators!  Go Branding!).  I'm excited - K. and I deserve a night away, even if this trip does combine a few errands. 

K. might have some interesting news coming up here, shortly.  I hope shortly.

In other news, the Florida Bar has narrowed down its focus into his past life and we see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank bejeezus.

I'm loving my kindle.  As in, I would totally marry it in a special commitment ceremony in New Hampshire.  I love the fact that I can bounce between reading steamy historical stories to beautifully, well-written novels.  I am in serious heaven, but must come up with some sort of way to curb the spending.

Is it bad that I'm stocking up on novels this month (for, y'know, the kindle), in order to make it through the long February of no spending?

I made tikka masala tonight for dinner and it was delicious.  And by made, I mean I bought some simmering stuff from EarthFare and cut up some chicken.  I also microwaved basmati rice.  Win, right?

Sometimes, when I'm cooking in my comma of a kitchen, I pretend I'm on a FoodTV network show.  K. is convinced I'll be discovered someday.  Could I be the Cooking-in-a-robe-Countess?