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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another Wedding-Related Post.

Published by cck at 12:19 PM

While the Greenville News has disappointed me once again -- can't you spell people? It's K. with a "p." Get a new copy editor - whatever it takes. It's spelled correctly in the announcement (the part that I wrote). But in the photo caption -- they got it alllllll wrong.

We made it into the St. Pete Times. While K. can't stand the St. Petersburg Times, it might just be my favorite Florida news source. It's not owned by a big conglomerate and yet, it still manages to be the tenth largest paper in the country.

Anyway, the thing about being down south in the other south -- newspapers don't take the whole wedding announcement page that seriously. How many engagements were in the Greenville News? At least twenty. SPT -- probably three.

Six weeks from today I'll be a married woman.


Laurin said...

The St. Pete Times stole one of my fave SC political reporters (John Frank, formerly of the P&C), so it must be a good paper!