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Monday, April 02, 2007

How many dresses?

Published by cck at 5:53 PM

I've been taking inventory of my closet recently. There's so much stuff in there -- the gorgeous aqua silk dress with tiny light blue embroidered palm trees? Yup, I love it. But will I ever really fit into a size 8 again? And, more importantly - do I even want to?

I pulled out stuff that I haven't worn in a year... You know, the clothes you keep because there's that one day when you haven't done laundry in sooooo long and there must be something that fits that you can squeeze into and pair with a cardigan or jacket so it's somewhat presentable. (And yes, that was a long sentence. I hope you could follow it).

Goodwill will soon be receiving a large, random assortment of party dresses and jeans. My personal collection of clothing from the last three years --- gorgeous things with labels and then my favorites from Target.

Meanwhile, I realize I need to procure additional summer dresses. A) Summer has already started in Tally. B) This wedding stuff? It requires a bunch of cute dresses: showers, luncheon, rehearsal dinner - hello! Honeymoon. C) I am fat.

So, I've been looking. I thought I had time. Where did the time go? I have no time! I thought the white dress was the one I needed to worry about the most. Yeah, perhaps the most -- but not the only.