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Monday, April 23, 2007


Published by cck at 4:06 PM

(I am so on a roll today! Thanks RFT!)

I have loved the Big Couch Kleenex commercials since the beginning. The one with the Katrina Survivor? The one where she says something like, tears do not compromise my strength -- it makes me tear up. I love it. I adopted it as one of my personal mantras.

Okay, well - now there are commercials -- still with the big couch -- with folks talking about their moms. Ugh. "My mom is my best friend." "My mom is my inspiration." "My mom is the most amazing woman I know."

Dude, where's the person on the couch with the three thousand dollar therapy bill that says, "I am finally over my mother." Or maybe, "I no longer blame my mother." Let's have some reality. Not all mothers deserve a hallmark card on Mother's Day. Some deserve a restraining order.

I have not had good experiences with Mother's Days in general. I never could find the right card - even if I bought one or three. Don't even get me started on a present. There were many, in a row no less, where we weren't even speaking on the second weekend of May.

I would like, just once perhaps, for some truth in advertising. I personally like the one about no longer blaming the mom. I am almost, almost there. Almost.