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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Postponement Never Felt So Good

Published by cck at 10:33 AM

postponement: an act of deferring, or putting off, to a future time; a temporary delay

I am a procrastinator. So is my husband. You can imagine the problems that arise from two adults who would rather think about that tomorrow. (After all, tomorrow is another day).

So, last week when K. told me he wanted to postpone the Bar, I shuddered. POSTPONE THE BAR??? Every over-sized pore was screaming! WHAT?!?!?!?! And after the initial freak-out, I realized what a smart thing he was doing. He wasn't procrastinating, he was making a smart decision.

There have been quite a few things on our respective plates lately that have nothing to do with the whole "us" mess that's been going on. And he made the right decision. I'm really proud of him.

Plus, what he doesn't know (and I'm not fully telling him, which means I can't tell you dear internet) is that when he walks out 333 S. Franklin in July, I'm going to swoop him up and take somewhere like this: