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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Published by cck at 10:07 PM

It's been a delightful weekend here. Delightful. It's early spring everywhere you look - dogwoods blooming, cherry trees bursting -- and man, I could go on and on about the Camillas. And while the pollen is slowly covering every inch of my world, the beauty of seeing shades of pink and yellow against the bright blue sky is so incredibly worth it. (You should have heard me on Saturday cooing over the fact that I was wearing shorts in February).

I had a horrible week at work. So, all week -- all I could think about was happy hour on the porch of Po' Boys. I would walk by certain offices and say, "A pitcher of beer and a straw - it's all I need." And man - that was really awesome. See photo evidence here.

We're on our fourth weekend in a row of newlywed bliss over here. IN A ROW. Now, for those of you who had those easy first years of marriage, I realize this might be a bit of a stretch to understand. I rationalized that since K. and I are moving so fast through relationship hurdles that our first year is like most other's seventh year. (Dog years :: Relationship years). He still catches my eye and winks - still tells me I'm beautiful and even manages to bring me a diet coke now and then. I am incredibly lucky.

I started reading Eat Pray Love. At first, I thought it would be far too bright for me. Wishy. Washy. It's fantastic. Beautifully, smartly written and I am really enjoying it. I've only read through Italy -- but one of my favorite parts thus far was when the author was driving through middle-America writing a petition to God for a peaceful divorce. Michael J. Fox - he signed it. Read the book - seriously people.

And Saturday afternoon, after a visit to Brueger's, Target and getting Pedicures (yes, I capitalized it. It was an event. K. was just enough of an ass on Friday night to deserve some punishment. And instead of breaking something, he accompanied me to get a pedi) -- after all that, we went to Chez Pierre and sat on the porch and drank wine in the setting sun and yes, it really was that ridiculously romantic.

Great weekend. Just what I needed. And, just so you're ready for the First Day of Session evening festivities: check here.