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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One more self-indulgent post

Published by cck at 11:14 PM

So, one other thing -- and this comes from something that I was asked today...
What do I do to soothe, comfort and relax myself? And then, more importantly, what do you expect your partner to do to soothe, comfort and relax you?

MAN. KNOCK ME OUT. I looked at the guy -- um, have we met? Do you understand that I'm trying to be self-sufficient here? I'm not a kittens and hearts kind of girl. What are you talking about???

And then, it donned on me - I have absolutely no idea. I have no idea what the K. kid could do to make me relaxed... Happy? Yeah, sure - he could start doing the dishes on a regular basis or wash my car and I'd be ecstatic. But, relax? Soothed? Are you kidding? It's not like I want him to draw me a bath.

What an interesting question - one I think we're going to try to figure out. Coming from a household where all efforts were directed at the Queen -- it wasn't about what made me soothed, it was about what soothed her. (I swear people, it was Mommie Dearest) So, I'm pretty excited about all this - this discovery of what it means to us.

Soothing? Am I the only person who immediately thought something dirty?