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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweet Dorkitude

Published by cck at 10:19 PM

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and sniffly nose. I can't tell if I'm getting sick or if it's just pollen. I say just -- the entire world looks like it was sprayed down with guldens mustard. And this is only the beginning.

I went to the movies on Friday night with my boyfriend. I say "boyfriend" because K. got there early and bought tickets and I was a little late and it was like showing up on a date when you're nervous and wondering if you remembered to shave your legs because, like this is the night.

Okay, moving on. Juno made me cry. Weep actually. When CJ Craig told off the snarky ultrasound tech I burst into tears. Man, Lynda - you would totally do that. And it would be fun to watch. I think I might have gotten all the baby emotion out though. My womb has been thumping lately. So, like that was good.

Saturday was gorgeous -- today was too. Bright bright blue sky - spring is everywhere. We stopped by the baseball game and then met one of my clients for dinner. Oh man, then to the pleasantville, ahem, Southwood... The housewarming party we went to was lovely -- and the home is absolutely beautiful. I drove out wondering why we weren't buying a house where I could have granite countertops...

I'm watching the Oscars with my husband tonight. He's been pretty wonderful lately. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this, but man am I thankful. We are so blessed.