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Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Flip Flops

Published by cck at 7:24 PM

I love flip flops (or flop flips*, or whatever). I wear them everywhere. With everything - formal, informal and everything in between.

Until yesterday, when the charm of my flip flop choice du jour failed to inspire confidence in my superiors. DANGER! NEED NEW SHOES.

NEW SHOES THAT GO WITH EVERYTHING. The thing about flip flops - I'm a tall lady. A tall, tall lady. Even taller when I put on shoes that aren't flip flops. I used to wear heels all the time - fifty pounds or so ago. At this point, piling all of me on the equivalent of two golf pencils just isn't all that appealing.

Yes, there are wedges. I know, I know. I just /hands on hips\ like wearing my flip flops. The toes need to be free!

Now that my treatise on flip flops is almost over, there was another punch to the gut -- my beloved dress code of jeans and polos/t-shirts will soon be a thing of the past. I'm headed to the land of business casual. How's that for a Halloween horror story.

So, now I'm flipping through Talbots Outlet, JJill Sale and some Lands End choices. I want a uniform equal to my jeans combo. I never thought I'd be less excited about shopping.


Anonymous said...

ballet flats? (i know the hipsters that wear them now call them something else, but you know what i mean - i am old.)

i HATE business casual. it's harder than wearing a suit everyday.

i feel your pain.