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Monday, October 12, 2009


Published by cck at 8:42 PM

I received an invite to attend an even this Thursday. The invitation used the word "titillate" -- seriously? It's Tallahassee people. Titillation that happens here shouldn't be talked about, much less advertised.

So, for a titillating event in downtown Tallahassee, what do y'all suggest I don? I was considering a huge hat - or perhaps fur. Remember the temperatures here are still hovering around 90. And, have I mentioned that I'm in Tallahassee? Tiny Tally? Yeah.

Titillation. Um, yeah.


Anonymous said...

i am having the same dilemma. i have no idea what to wear. and laughing about the exact same thing. seriously...what they hell are they going to do in tallahassee, florida, that qualifies as titillating?


cck said...

1) I have absolutely no idea.
2) Glad I'm going with you.
3) Seriously? I was hoping you'd have a fashion forward suggestion.