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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Dilemma on a Tuesday Afternoon.

Published by cck at 3:04 PM

Tomorrow, I have a big day - meetings, the board, and some after work events. I'm excited about a day that promises to give me scant time to check my sitemeter. (Yes, I'm obsessed. No, I haven't gotten over it. Helsinki. There was someone from Helsinki.).
Over the weekend, Daddio bought me two pairs of shoes - one shown here. (The other ones have black sequins onthe wedge and are green and black). They are fabulous. Fabulous shoes. But, where can I wear them? When can I wear them? Perhaps not a day when the high is supposed to be 53 degrees cold?
Regardless, I badly want to wear these shoes tomorrow. They are suede, after all. And isn't, after all, suede a winter material?
This, this I am pondering on a Tuesday afternoon.


mkc said...

I would like to say that I am very impressed with your dad's taste in shoes! Those are beautiful -- what was the verdict, where them or not?

CCS said...

They are so on my feet! And I have been skipping through the day - I swear, good shoes...

terri d said...

LOVE the shoes've got to bring them on your next trip up!