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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Birthday #27

Published by cck at 8:56 PM

My birthday is one week away. I will be twenty-seven years old.

Several things seem to be floating around in my noggin:

  • This will be my first birthday when my Grami does not call early in the morning to sing me Happy Birthday and tell me that she loves me. She would tell me the story of how I blew spit bubbles at her as she held me - her first grandchild. She was the second person to hold me. How precious this knowledge is to me now.
  • This is my second birthday in Tallahassee with Chris. Last year he put a candle in a half grapefruit and it was the cutest thing (weirdest thing) ever. Can't wait for this year's Birthday Bunny.
  • Yes, I still celebrate Birthday Bunny and I never plan to stop.
  • I love the story about the snowy night in January, 27 years ago. There was a full moon and my mother had bought bags and bags of groceries - she was nesting.
  • I am twenty-seven years old. Well, almost. And that's the oldest I've ever been.
Twenty-seven.I am so glad I'm alive. I'm so glad that I'm loved. I'm so glad that I still smile when I think about my birthday.