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Friday, January 04, 2008

I am so rad.

Published by cck at 11:24 PM

It's nearly midnight on Friday night and I'm reading food blogs, planning my Publix spree tomorrow morning. I am sick. SICK - no voice, save for the raspy, pleading whining that begs Chris for the occasional glass of water. I am so cool.

So, I'm looking of recipes for the coming week -- veggie ones -- and of course, after looking for basics at Cooling Light or FoodTV, I head on over to my favorite food blogger, Smitten Kitchen. Today, she's featuring Goulash. And it looks delicious.

Did I mention that my husband is 1/4 Hungarian? He makes a mean Paprikash and I adore stuffed cabbage and his Hungarian Tomato Sauce. The interesting thing is that Deb mentions, in her post, that she collects tins of Paprika. CHRIS DOES TOO. Ohmygoodness, I now have something in common with this kitchen inspiration.

I know, I'm excited too. Chris buys Paprika constantly. Each time he makes a Hungarian dish, while not weekly, a brand-spanking-new red tin takes up residence in my cramped kitchen. WTF? I asked him once - demanded to know why he was wasting the $2.19 every month on a new paprika. His answer? He's keeping the Hungarian economy afloat.

Kid's quick.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

That's too funny. I used to buy the Hungarian stuff in the red tin, but now I am a Penzey's gal through and through.
You're also not the only one who plans her grocery list when she used to be out at the bars, too. The only thing that's sicker is that I wake up early so I can get there right after they open, and roam the aisles to my heart's content.