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Sunday, January 06, 2008


Published by cck at 12:54 AM

Many years ago, I met one of my favorite politicos. We were cheering for Fritz as he drove in to WYFF to meet Inglis for a debate. Tonight, watching the back-to-back debates, I saw the same practice. The announcer acknowledged what I've always suspected -- the cheering is for the candidate.

This particular politico and I would meet again and again - and I miss his slow southern drawl, interesting perspective and generous compliments. (Wow, that made me homesick for the SCDP) I remember arguing about Gore, at the steps of the Township at a State Convention. He was a Gore supporter, I favored Bradley. Someone new - someone fresh - someone who would change the world.

I knew he was supporting Hillary - from a conversation long ago. I figured he wouldn't have changed, although I can't tell you that for sure. Regardless, after watching the debate tonight, I was honestly surprised at her performance. There's always that moment -- whether in a campaign, on a football field, or on a first date - that moment that either makes it or breaks it. In my opinion, this was Clinton's moment. "But I've already made change," she says.

Damn. It wasn't enough that she got angry or even that John was kissing up to Obama so hard that I almost felt bad for Elizabeth. This was a debate where she couldn't lose her cool, and yet that's exactly what she did. I don't think she was particularly mad at Obama or John or even Bill. She seemed like the popular kid who had just moved to a new high school and didn't have a date on Friday night. Petulant. I thought this article did a good job of explaining it too.

And, as for the Republicans... I thought the first few hits to Romney were good, but McCain took it too far. He sounded like a bitter ex-wife. I also thought it was interesting that Romney flat out defended pharmaceutical companies. (I personally don't care how many commercials they run about finding the cure for Alzheimer's - I think they're awful).

All in all, a very good political evening. K. and I even enjoyed ourselves -- probably because neither one of us can really speak right now.