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Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Excitement of a Sunday

Published by cck at 3:40 PM

Our Sundays are usually slothful. We are above and beyond lazy. We are ambitious in our laziness. One takes the bed and the other a comfortable chair and we dally between good books and bad Sunday TV.

We celebrate the weekend with a weekly Bagel Date. Started when both of our jobs pulled us in every direction but toward each other we met for a weekend Bagel Date. Yes, I can see that you would think this was sad - but really, you just don't understand the beauty of a salmon bagel and a giant diet coke on a Saturday morning.

We missed it on Saturday, so this morning I ran out to procure the bagels, coffee and a paper. I got in K.'s car -- mine need gas - and was immediately disgusted by the messiness of his car. It seemed very odd that he went through his glove compartment and threw things about, but then again K.'s an odd dude.

By the time I returned with hot coffee and bagels, the feeling that something was wrong kept growing. Where was his Tom-Tom? His iPod? When I got home I asked him if he was looking for something in his car last night. Yeah, he wasn't. We got robbed.

His car, my car and our neighbor's car. And considering the call from the officer I just received, apparently a few more down the road. Damn it to hell. Far more excitement than a normal Sunday. Hope you're happy with our iPods you loser. (I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog. Yes, I know. Thanks.)