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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Disney: My First Love

Published by cck at 7:43 PM

I cannot believe how fantastic, magical and fun my first time to Disney World was. It was perfect. Ridiculously romantic. It really is the happiest place on earth.

Okay, so let's start out by discussing a particularly grueling work week. Chris and I have both been traveling more for work - and as much as I enjoy heading to Jacksonville, three days worth of Florida's First Coast had me longing to be anywhere but. I rented a car in JAX and headed to Orlando early on Friday afternoon. K. picked me up after I dropped off the rental and we headed to the BVP.

We stayed in a resort that I had worked with while at Zimmerman - lovely place. When we arrived at our room, there was champagne and some sort of dip that was just outrageous and I realized I was really in for a fantastic weekend. Damn, K. pulled out all the stops.

Instead of heading out on Friday night, we had room service and went to bed early. Of course, I - like an excited five year old - could not sleep. It took a cocktail and a benadryl before I settled down. We were up early, ate a protein-packed breakfast, and boarded the bus to take us to the park. The Buena Vista Palace is on property, but still about ten minutes from the park.

When we picked up our tickets at Will Call, I got a First-Timer button and K. became an honorary citizen of Walt Disney World. We took the ferry over and when I stepped off the boat, I was in awe. It was amazing.

I'm trying to figure out why I thought it was so amazing. Magic Kingdom is gentle in its beauty - I felt like a kid, like a newlywed. It was special - every detail just so. In an effort to be spontaneous, I eschewed my list of first and second tier rides and Chris and I just traveled around the park. Everything I wanted to do - he made it happen. I am so glad that I got to experience Disney with my husband. Instead of feeling slighted that I never made it as a kid, I think I'm lucky I got to do it with my husband.

We rode all the good rides - and didn't wait hardly at all. I loved the Jungle Cruise - one of K.'s favorites. I loved seeing Swiss Family Robinson tree house -- I remembered watching the movie with my brother and wishing I could be Roberta. Everything lived up to my expectations. My favorite ride, hands down, was Peter Pan. I cooed the whole ride. Space Mountain was fantastic -- I could not believe it! Hall of Presidents was really neat too -- as was the Carousel of Progress. It rained all afternoon and it didn't even phase us!

It was an amazing day. We stayed till about five and then headed back to the hotel for dry clothes and a shower. And, um, a short nap. (We're old). I had wanted to check out Epcot, but it closed early on Saturday. With K.'s assurance that we'll come back for the Food & Wine festival in the fall, I agreed to instead check out Pleasure Island. It was so cool!

We had a fantastic dinner in Downtown Disney - the Portobello Yacht Club was really quite good. Great staff. And then we headed to the Adventures Club (Kungaloosh!). It is an understatement to say that Chris fit right in. Hysterical waspy-ness. We did go to three dance clubs too... But let's face it, eccentricity is much more our style than a revolving dance floor. We ended up closing it down.

What a weekend. What an incredible weekend. Chris said it was just great to see my face light up the whole day. I watched parents corral cranky children; I have huge respect for the parents. I watched little kids just explode with happiness when they saw Mickey or Belle. I cannot wait to go again. I cannot wait to go with my children. I wish I had something original or unique to say... Last night I dreamt I was floating over the Peter Pan ride. I love the memories I made there. Chris, thank you for bringing me to Disney - finally!


Ashley said...

Aww, I didn't know you hadn't been to Disney before. That's so sweet that you and Chris experienced it together! Was it an anniversary trip? I LOVE Disney ... and what is this about a wine festival??? Another love of mine - wine! Maybe I need to go!! :-)