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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Air Quotes

Published by cck at 10:44 AM

Air quotes and rolling eyes. John McCain reminded me of myself - circa 1998, Greenville High National Forensic Debate Tournament. I was in Congress. And man, I was obnoxious. I've gotten through made-up words and snickers, I cannot stand to watch Johnny Boy for the next four years. I watched *most* of the debates last night. I had to switch to the Project Runway finale, which even with its boring finalists was still infinitely more interesting than watching John McCain grab for the right words or suck his teeth. (Did y'all hear that? It was disgusting).

I did catch this part:

I gasped. My opinions on a woman's reproductive choices are well documented. And hell yes they're liberal. You are talking about MY BODY. It works both ways. I am so lucky (oh my goodness) that I have the choice (and the ability) to use drugs and doctors and Glenda the Good Witch in order to GET pregnant. But, considering my odds of developing life-threatening issues while pregnant... You think it's a choice a mother wants to make? She puts it on her list of to-do's next to painting the nursery and wondering if the name Emma is overused?

Since I unearthed all my potential difficulties earlier this year, I've been reading A Little Pregnant. She's funny, smart and realistic. And today she posted about this issue and it's so good. You should read it. You need to read it. How could women vote for this man?