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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Purple. Our home is purple.

Published by cck at 5:06 PM

The current climate in our household is, um, tense. With less than a month to the election, K. and I have taken to watching debates in separate places, let alone separate rooms. We watch YouTube clips with headphones in our ears, less we awaken the partisan beast in our respective better half.

It has been suggested to me - by more than one person - that I gently poison my spouse before election day. Just a stomach flu, they offered. Unfortunately, early voting in Florida prohibits this action. Not that I would ever take it that far. C'mon. But, it does make me happy that my vote neutralizes his. Ha! At least in this state, my vote has a chance of making a difference.

Since we need something to look forward to as a couple that does not include inauguration plans, we're having an oyster roast. I'm hoping it will become some sort of tradition, hence my naming the event the "first annual." I'm not real sure you can really do that. Not that tradition has ever stopped me, especially when oysters are involved.

Having never instigated an oyster roast, I called my grandfather to get the specifics. Apparently, we get to build a fire in our backyard! I am really excited. We're doing oysters and frogmore stew, coleslaw and cornbread. Hopefully my MIL will bring her famous Bourbon Brownies and we'll call it a day. We're even thinking of having a candidate death match - with nerf bats and face masks. It's still in development.

If you're in the Tallahassee area the Friday before the Clemson game - as in the Friday after election day, y'all come on over.


S said...

I'm still working on my guy. He claims to be a republican, but he agrees with me on every significant political issue, so I don't know why he continues to cling to the GOP. Our relationship almost didn't survive my discovery of how he voted in 2004. I think he now recognizes that was a bad decision on his part, but I don't know what I'll do if he makes an equally bad decision this year.

I don't think he's really committed to voting republican this year (he claims he's still undecided), but he hates my hatred of McCain, so my house is like yours on debate nights. I've been tense enough this election season; I really wish I didn't have to deal with the extra tension of not fully sharing political views with my SO.

CCK said...

Tell me about it. There was a moment earlier in the season when I looked at him and had to struggle to remember why we were married.

We have the same end goals (mostly). But we have incredibly different ways of getting there. I'm ready for it all to be over if only so we can watch the nightly news together again.