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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Center of the Universe.

Published by cck at 9:22 PM

I headed up to Oxford for the weekend. It was incredible. I still cannot believe I drove 1,000 miles. It was a small sacrifice to see the Gamecocks play!

Let's see - I was nervous before I left. Not only because I was going to see K-Cali for the first time since my wedding (gawd, was it really that long? a mistake that will not be repeated), but also because I was heading to Oxford for the first time since I left almost five years ago. It was like facing an ex-boyfriend when you've gained 20 pounds.

Driving in to town on Hwy 6 was so much easier than I thought it would be. Heck, driving was much easier than I thought it would be. It was a beautiful ride. I drove by my old apartment on Anderson Road and parked in front of the building. The motion light my dad installed was still there. It was the perfect moment.

Oooh la la was still open! My favorite little shop in Oxford. We ate dinner at Ajax. Seeing Katie was fantastic. I couldn't believe how much I missed her. I seriously had to fight the urge to cry (the only moment the whole weekend where tears almost broke through). However, I'm sure she would have teased me mercilessly. It would have been awkward for those around us.

Walking to The Grove the next morning - I could not stand it. The weather was perfect, the company genteel and the accents soothing. K. keeps teasing me because I came home with a southern accent. I can't help it -- when I hear southern voices, it reminds me so much of what I grew up with. Anyway - the best bloody marys, unbelievable spreads in every tent and the sound of the wind through trees. Not to mention a football game where I got to cheer, make friends with the people around me and see COCKY!!! (I was like a little kid). I saw a friend from high school, someone recognized from my section and I got sing the fight song. Could not have been better!

It felt like putting on my favorite jeans - visiting Oxford. I don't think I would have wanted to go back before. And I'm glad that Katie was there, whether she knew it or not, it was easier with her there. Not to mention just deep down good. Sorry this is so sappy, but everything about my weekend was just what I needed --- the calming drive, seeing old friends and having fun. Whew, I love my life.