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Monday, November 24, 2008

Makin' Whooppee!

Published by cck at 3:39 AM

A pastor in East Texas is challenging his congregation to commit to seven days of sex. You heard me (or, um, read me) correctly. Sex. Seven days. In a row. Link here.

At first, I was sort of scandalized. I mean, a preacher talking about sex in the pulpit? Are you kidding me? And then I remembered a marriage book I read earlier this year. It was authored by two ministers who claimed that it was a lot harder to hate someone while sexually satisfied. That it was a lot harder to ignore doing a chore, keeping a promise or being nice when you still had that ahem, rosy glow.

And you know what, they're right. In busy households around the country partners are pulled in three thousand directions. There are so many distractions - responsibilities piled on top of responsibilities. How do we make an effort to connect with our partners? I heard a joke recently, told by a young man with nine brothers and sisters. Apparently his parents didn't have a TV in their bedroom. Hmmm....

The Bible talks about sex - a lot about love between two people. I really believe lovemaking is an important component of a marriage. Will it solve major problems? Will sex save a sinking ship? Will making whoopee rescue your 401k? Um, no.

But the connection achieved by a loving, compassionate and satisfying sex life might help prevent some of those catastrophic problems. It's a lot more fun than couples counseling.