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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things I did today,

Published by cck at 6:01 PM

while hopped up on Mucinex and cough syrup:

1. Read two (2) of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Easy read people.
2. Shopped online - Talbots Outlet, I heart you big time.
3. Read all the bios of the new chefs on Top Chef.
4. Decided to make all of the desserts for big-family Thanksgiving.
a. Made spreadsheet with possible items
b. Tried to align each family members taste with possible items.
c. Decided I needed to get better quickly.
5. Set up TIVO/DVR Thing to include not only Burn Notice and Dr. Who (K.'s additions), but also Lipstick Jungle and Army Wives.
6. Wished for the zillionth time I liked taking naps when sick.
7. Whined to myself, to the dog and to Chris on the phone, a lot.