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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The dress.

Published by cck at 8:38 AM

Planning a wedding is tricky. There are so many people to navigate - and I'm not talking about just the florist, caterer, DJ or reception director... I'm talking about family. At least, that's what people tell me.

For the most part, I think I have been inordinately blessed by the family I am marrying into -- they are by far the most loving, laid-back and accepting people I think I have ever met. In this whole wedding planning thing, they are supportive but not suppressing; excited but not overwhelmed (or overwhelming) -- and although I seem to be planning a fairly non-traditional bash, they are truly on board.

So, after talking at Tailgate this past weekend to some of my married girlfriends, I felt rather nervous. Despite the fact that I think ("think") we have covered most of the details - from the flowers to the handsoap to the photographer to the groom's cake, I was worried. They winked at me and told me that sooner or later the pre-wedding anguish would descend upon me.

Yeah, I don't get it. I mean, I just don't. Perhaps it's the fact that my parents aren't involved or maybe that I used to plan large events for political people? I'm not sure - you flip through some magazines, scour The Knot for days on end -- and I swear, if you've been to a wedding or two, then you should have some knowledge of how you'd like yours to look.

Granted, I never really planned my whole shebang until I met "The One." (And then, I'll confess, I was practically planning from, like, Day 3 of knowing the man, but I digress...) As a child I wasn't really allowed (or it just didn't cross my mind) to plan for my wedding. I was too busy playing other things - thinking out and pretending to be other things ranging from She-Ra to the first woman Senator from South Carolina (yes, I was a weird child). So, all of a sudden when it dawned on me that I was going to plan the biggest party I'd ever throw for myself -- it was huge!

And fun. I've absolutely adored picking out all the little details that will be (at least I hope) fairly unique. The flowers have been fun to decide on -- although the florist almost passed out when I banned roses. And picking out the caterer and deciding on a menu is fantastic.

However, as this post gets rather lengthy... I was feeling rather anxious at picking out the dress. I'm not sure why. It's me, right? Hi. I love to shop. Why was this one last detail a stumbling block?

Well, I went shopping yesterday. I suppose it was appropriate -- I had a very good lunch at Andrew's with a really impressive new elected official. And, after that I checked out a bridal shop in downtown Tally.

Here's the thing, I think -- we're definitely doing this wedding on a budget. Considering the fact that my parents didn't want to contribute - and we're hefting most of the bill ourselves, I didn't want to drop too much on the dress. But, after trying on three dresses at David's Bridal a couple weeks ago, I needed a stiff drink -- it looked like someone (probably blind) had used a gluestick to adhere a doiley to stiff polyester. I'm not saying the dresses aren't nice - but for what they were charging, I felt a little depressed about my options.

So - back to the place in Tallahassee. I tried on a couple of dresses. I knew the style I wanted, I knew the general color and feel... I tried on The Dress and - I'll admit - I knew. I figured it out. It's very me. I'm quite excited. And, it's way way way under the budget I set for myself.