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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Football, Halloween, etc...

Published by cck at 9:14 AM

Okay. First, let me say -- it was depressing to say the least to watch another Garnet team get beat by those damn Orange rednecks from the Upstate. And I say that with love. Really.
(Sidenote: Actually, it was damn fun to hate Clemson on another field. Everytime I passed by someone with Obnoxious Orange on, I yelled, "Go Cocks!" Poor Clemson fans, they were so confused! Chris made me stop at some point, I think...)

Actually - it was really fun. First, much like the rest of the world - FSU does not get dressed up for football games. It was difficult - I'll admit, I fought it. But, dang - wearing a Tshirt when it is HOT outside makes a lot of sense. I had a ball at the FSU tailgate. Although I missed Carolina with a passion - I was seriously homesick before I left for the game - it was a great experience.

Plus, my darling fiance has a membership to the Club, so whenever I got thirsty or hungry during the game - or just needed a little air conditioning, we just went right over and plunked ourselves down. Fabulous.

I made a killer batch of mojitos. Truly -- I've decided, a great drink for a hot day. For this week's game, I'm going to try my hand at the Mr. Friendly's Mint Julep. Why not?

As well, I came up the great idea of having a Halloween party. Anybody got good ideas for a costume? Come on former Law Students -- give me a suggestion.