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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today is the Florida Primary

Published by cck at 3:55 PM

It's Primary Day. It was a cool a morning and it's been raining for the past hour or so in Tallahassee, but that's par for the course during the Rainy Season in North Florida.
I didn't vote. It's odd that it's Primary Day and I didn't cast a vote for my favored Floridian Democrat (Jim Davis). But - then again, I'm not registered to vote in Florida yet. (Did you hear that Joe Erwin? I'm not a voter in Florida yet!!!).

Okay - you might be asking about that little note to the infamous Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party... Well, in the last post I mentioned the ability of Florida voters to register by Party. I think it's pretty damn nifty. I like the fact that when I did register to vote (last week) I was able to check a box and say I'm a Democrat. I even had to take an oath not to support a Republican in order to become a member of the Leon County Democratic Party. That was seriously cool.

Okay, the reason I mention this is because I resigned from my post as South Carolina Third Vice Chair in August. I don't exactly remember - I think it might have been the 17th of August or something like - totally could have been the 18th. Well, when I resigned I didn't receive anything from our Chair or Executive Director of the Party - no congratulations on getting engaged or good luck on moving to Florida... Not a thing.

Instead - several good Democrats in South Carolina (read: youthful Democrats) got an irate email (oh shock!) from our good Chairman expressing his outrage over the fact that I had allegedly become a registered voter in Florida BEFORE resigning as Third Vice Chair of South Carolina. OMG. I'm serious, OMG. (This was, but of course, the day after my previous post was published).

C'mon now... To all the lovely people who read this blog -- perhaps taking a step back would be a REAL good idea.

In addition, Mr. Clemson Cheerleader -- perhaps it would even be a better idea to start holding press conferences on issues that are important to South Carolina voters. As much as we love our palmetto flip-flops -- the average South Carolinian doesn't connect that the fact that their shoes were made in China takes jobs away from the good folks in Cheraw. As much as I despise (DESPISE) the misleadership of Mr. Sanford -- it's time, as Chairman, to start making a difference in this election. While I realize that there probably are some good ideas that come out of that ergonomically designed cubicle in Greenville, put down the pom-poms and start with some fighting words.

We're South Carolinians -- we take politics as seriously as cigarettes and church and it is TIME to change the current political landscape. I am SICK and TIRED of Republicans who claim the moral high-road and then band together to protect legislators who have extra-marital affairs. I am SICK and TIRED of Republicans who claim to protect jobs in this great state and then refuse to attract new business to this state. I am SICK and TIRED of Republicans who wring their hands about the lack of available healthcare, who take pot shots at our education system -- all without the slightest peep at a solution.

I want the South Carolina Party to show a little teeth... I know there are a lot of people who were put of by Harpo - but at least he said what needed to be said. Oh - yeah, and we won too.


Anonymous said...

If Joe Erwin cared as much about elections as he did office furniture, we might actually win a few races this year. But he'd rather spend SCDP's scare dollars on expensive cubicles instead of voter contact.