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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Since I've started

Published by cck at 10:56 AM

blogging again with some regularity, the number of folks visiting my fair blog has risen astronomically. Instead of the average 12 bored people at work a day, we're now looking at skyrocketing traffic patterns reflecting the browsing patterns of about 14 people. Wowsahs.

Therefore, I was surprised that I'd crossed the 10K threshold quite a while ago... I was prompted to look by jcristg. She looked a couple of weeks ago and saw that her blog had passed that magical number. I remember when I wrote my 100th post, but I completely missed the ten thousandth visitor. My bad.

Of course, I've only been writing since January. And, for that matter - I took a couple months hiatus.

Meanwhile, I've been getting complaints that I described certain people as "crazy." Gosh. Seriously - getting a call from Karl Rove to ask me cease and desist was HUGE.
Heh, no, it wasn't a political figure or even a state chair -- it was my parents.

I don't think I've ever described M&L as crazy -- unless you count the time I told the world that my dad likes to hum "It's Hard to be a Pimp." Instead, I did share with the world wide web that my parents are not involved in my upcoming nuptials. And, just for the record - that is absolutely true. I won't be the first bride - nor the last - to wish her parents were present on her wedding day.