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Monday, September 25, 2006

More Wedding Nonsense...

Published by cck at 11:27 AM

Registry. Gift Registration. Come Here! Go There! China! China! China!


Okay, so last night we made a list of all the stuff we thought we wanted. After weeks of discussion with friends and family about what we needed -- and more importantly, what they thought we needed, we finally came to an idea of what is we'd like.

I do appreciate the advice; I'm not quite that sarcastic. How the heck do I know what we'll need in the next few years -- not to mention the next twenty. We'll figure it out this coming weekend - with a scanner gun and an excel spreadsheet.

Oh - and I realize this sounds a little weird - but we've decided to limit wedding conversations. We now have "Wedding Meetings." I handle the meeting on Sunday and Tuesday, he's got Thursdays. It lasts an hour on Sunday and thirty minutes or less on the weekdays. It's awesome.

Seriously - weddings are stressful stuff. Everyone's got an opinion - and, since more often than not, those same people are ones that you love, respect and admire - you want to listen to them. Maybe it helps that my parents - usually the culprits of wedding insanity for most couples - are completely out of the picture. Maybe it doesn't. I'm not sure. I do really recommend the meetings. It makes you plan and produce. And stops the constant discussion and inevitable bickering about flower choices and china patterns.


Crystal said...

Thank you for your note on our post about guys and planning! Your idea is wonderful!! I hope you don't mind - I copy/pasted it into our new blog so everyone can read it (with credit to you of course)