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Monday, September 25, 2006


Published by cck at 11:11 AM

I have a new buddy who likes to use the term, OMG. I'm a fan of him - and always a fan of OMG, so I've decided to use it more frequently. After all, that's what the world needs - more abbreviations.

I had a lovely weekend, just in case you were wondering. I fought like a fiend on Friday, feasted on my fiance's homage to paprika and watched movies. (I tried to keep with the "f" theme going on in that last sentence - but since I think my grandmother still reads this, I decided to forgo my letter theme). Saturday, I got up early and whipped up some stuff for tailgate.

We had pig candy (the easiest, most sinful, fabulous tailgate concoction I have ever, ever, evah made - recipe below), homemade cheese garlic biscuits with chicken pecan spread and really simple oatmeal chocolate walnut bar cookies. Oh, and a huge pitcher of mojitos. Mojitos - drink of the devil.

I'm a big fan, as I've discussed. It's the only thing I can drink (and drink and drink) on a hot day without completely passing out and/or expiring from the heat. My dear Republican fiance, however, cannot handle half a handle like I can... The kiddo practically passed out in the Club. Not a pretty picture.

We made it.

Oh, and gosh -- Sunday we went to the movies with my newest dearest buddy, Durkin. Um, yeah - The Black Dahlia - AWFUL. Absolutely awful. I was really disappointed. The film couldn't seem to get it together. And, the gratuitous 40's era dildo was too much for everyone in the theater. Seriously.

That being said, pig candy... Get a pound of bacon - the thick kind... Although if you like the people you're tailgating with, I suggest you get more than a pound. Mix about a half a box of dark brown sugar with some cayenne pepper. I like it on the hot side - but that's totally up to you. Mix up that sugar stuff and then roll each slice o' bacon in the sinful sugar. I'm not gonna lie, you're fingers will get gross, but really push that sugar into the bacon.
Put the slices on a broiler - if you value your sanity, line the bottom of the broiler with two sheets of heavy aluminum foil. Bake that bacon for about 25 minutes at 350 until it's crispy-ish. It'll look greasy, but it's not greasy - it's carmelized. Gawd, it's sinful. But really good.