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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A fond farewell...

Published by cck at 9:02 PM

And a heck of a lot of best wishes.

I, like many of you, am used to checking the LaurinLine - run by the talented Laurin Manning several times a day. Honestly, sometimes more. During the past few months while Laurin determined the future of her blog, I waited. I lived through registering and Alex Stroman-the-idiot-boy and a whole host of new folks posting on her blog. There were new banners and blog lists and I love them all. And now, she's closing it down and starting something new.

I met Laurin as a teenager. We traveled to USC to participate in the American Legion Auxiliary Girl State program. I was elected Governor - and she was awarded the very very high honor of First Citizen. She had (has) it all -- she was well liked and smart and put South Carolina first. As counselors the next year, I remember laughing with her, late one night in the computer lab as I struggled with the newspaper.

She is bright and incredibly funny. A gal as comfortable in flip-flops as her aptly named Roach Killers. I deeply share her love of Diet Coke - seriously, no one has ever understood my need for a cold aluminum can like this woman. Everyone she meets is greeted with her warm graciousness and a rich dose of South Carolina politics. I have appreciated her since I met her - even more so since I moved out of state.

Laurin, your website will missed. Your thoughts - easily digestible, often challenging and always interesting will be missed. I wish you all the luck on your next project - as you graduate, etc. Good luck girl. And not to be entirely corny, but I really hope you'd appreciate the reference -- be progressive, wise and strong...

"Raise your voices, Raise them high
Sing to Girls State, And here's why
Look to Girls State, and you'll find
Tomorrow's leaders of mankind

We are the future builders, Builders in a band -
And we come from Girls State, the best state in the land.
We are up and coming, progressive, wise and strong -
And to our own Girls State we proudly sing this song..."


ManningLP said...

I seriously juat about burst into tears! Thanks for this sweet tribute. Let's catch up soon. :)