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Sunday, February 11, 2007

We <3 Lindsay Osborne.

Published by cck at 10:44 PM

I was sick all week. Sick as in my coloring was gray, I had no voice and I lived in a pair of cut off sweat pants and an FSU sweatshirt. There were various TShirts last week, but by God I had on that sweatshirt.

I haven't been that sick since I was an elementary school kid -- as an example of my hallucinations while on the fabulous gold elixir also known as my cough medicine, I allegedly asked for my mother. I was sick.

I had, however, weeks ago scheduled our engagement photo shoot for Saturday afternoon. I wanted to cancel, but our schedule is packed. If I wanted a picture in the Tampa Trib or the Greenville News in any sort of timely fashion, Saturday afternoon I needed to show my smile.

OMG. I love our photographer - Lindsay Osborne is absolutely amazing. We both had such a good time - we giggled and smooched all over downtown Tallahassee. Goodness, while in front of the Old Capitol someone yelled for us to get a room! I was relaxed, Chris was happy and I'm pretty sure the pictures are going to be fantastic. Lindsay was disarmingly gentle -- she caught exactly the type of pictures we wanted. Plus, her husband is from Easley! Small world strikes again. I totally recommend her. I cannot wait for the wedding!

Meanwhile, Kramps and I have been giggling like newlyweds all weekend. I think the timing was perfect. While I might still sound like Rita Cosby and Saturday required a whole new technique of concealer application - kicking off the remaining three months of our engagement with our photo shoot was a great idea. I am really (and finally) getting into the whole wedding excitement. Perfect. Gosh, I am so blessed!

ps. Totally figured out the engagement announcement wording this morning. I'm vain enough, don't worry, I will link the announcement in a couple of weeks.