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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Published by cck at 10:20 AM

So, I'm kidnapping K. and we're headed to the beach.

Y'know, before the oil gets here.  Thanks again, BP for ruining my summer...  for the next ten years.

I've made pressed Cuban sandwiches, the beer and lemonade is packed and I have a perfect beach book: Remembering Blue, by Connie May Fowler.  I first read it the summer of 2004...  and promptly loaned it out to all of my friends.  It's warped from being read on the beach, and the lake, and the boat.  And it's perfect for today.  I hadn't picked it up in a while, but the couple in the book -- one of their first dates was walking around Lake Ella.  Lo and behold, so was mine.

Even though K. is frustrated by the campaign and anxious about the impending Bar Exam, we need a day at the beach.  He needs the water, I need the sun.  We need a day off.  We need a day together.  Hope you have a lovely Saturday too!