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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Travel

Published by cck at 6:07 PM

For the past several years...  I've been fortunate enough to take vacations.  Short, weekend jaunts that sort of help alleviate the drudgery of living in the smallest village in America.  During the summers I think it gets worse because all the students are gone so there's no one to hide behind...  Seriously, you can't blend in.  One trip to the local Publix is more like a fashion show/job interview.

So.  I realize I feel down in the dumps -- not only are we not going anywhere, I don't get to plan anything.  Well, color that little problem fixed.  I can plan just about anything -- especially when I don't need to worry about a budget or vacation time request paperwork.

Chrissy's Imagination Trip #1:
Disney World 
(and no, I'm not even the least bit embarrassed)
(but please return next week when my focus will not be quite so obvious)

Three-Day Weekend...  we'll leave Friday after work and drive down to Orlando.  I prefer to stay on property, so we'll check in to Disney's Yacht Club Resort.  Room service for dinner, obvs...  I've never been to Universal, so I think that's got to be it for Saturday.  A full-on play day.  And Sunday, we'll go to Magic Kingdom because - well, because.  Perhaps dinner at the French place on Sunday night at Epcot, and then Monday we'll slowly make our way back Tallahassee.

Next week?  I'm thinking beach.