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Sunday, June 27, 2010

wanted: 3/2 dream house (err, starter home)

Published by cck at 12:11 PM

As if there wasn't enough going on - what with Mr. Bar Bri droning during waking hours - K. started looking at houses.

Holy Squash!  The man who thought he wanted to rent for the REST OF HIS LIFE is sending me MLS listings?  Shut the front door!  It's super exciting and I got swept up into it and he got swept into it and suddenly we were looking at square footage and property taxes and starting to look for a mortgage broker.

Qualifying for a home, all on my own, wasn't something I expected.  Dude.  Seriously, me?  Are you sure?  And that's when it became just a little too much: a little too real.

So the house hunt?  It's on pause.  I can only do one major life thing at a time, and until September when results come out, it's all about the Bar Exam.  And all about the fabulous things happening in my career.  (Hopefully, soon I'll be able to share one of them).

Am I still browsing the MLS listings?  Yes. 
Are we signing another year-long lease?  No. 
Am I nervous as hell?  Definitely. 
Is this exciting?  Absolutely.