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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Travel 2

Published by cck at 6:10 PM

After spending a day at the beach yesterday, I think this week's plan must center on spending some more time on the coast.  So, let's plan a weekend away at the Coombs House Inn, yes?  I think we'll take the Biltmore suite -- so we can take George too.  (Dude, the dog loves the beach).

It's summer, so we'll skip the oysters at Boss Oyster, but still take advantage of the still-safe seafood.  Instead... I'm thinking the Owl Cafe.  You know, I've never been.

And then there's the beach.  Driving over to St. George Island, we'll rent two kayaks and paddle around for a while.  Once K. gets tired, we'll put up our umbrella, dig in the sand and fall asleep with the soft sound of the gulf.

I'd like to finally make it Petunia's this time -- and find something unique for George.  I am craving fried shrimp, more sun and smell of sunscreen.  And we only have a few weekends left before the oil comes.  Lovely.


Anonymous said...

the owl cafe has amazing food...i am so jealous!!!