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Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Mr. Greene

Published by cck at 8:24 PM

Dear South Carolina: WTF.

I mean, seriously.  I could yell and shake my fist at the voters, but really...  Honestly...  Where was the leadership?  Folks who work at 1529 Hampton (whoa, I almost wrote Blanding), where were you?  Obviously asleep in the ergonomic and expertly arranged cubicles.  WAKE UP! 

Screening candidates for things like felony convictions isn't exclusive or rude.  It's good practice, heck, one might even say it's a best practice.  Shhhh, I won't tell.  Run background checks.  It's easy, fast and will save us being the punchline on The Daily Show and leave it for the folks who really need the boost -- the SC GOP.

And also, Mr. Greene: who are you kidding?  This isn't high school.  Do you really feel you could represent the people of South Carolina?  You're not running for Prom King, dude.  You can't string syllables together to make words to make coherent sentences.  Stop the charade now.