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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soooo CUTE!

Published by cck at 3:54 PM

First of all, I love Google Reader. Thank you jcristg for introducing me -- because let me tell you, my life is so much easier with this handy, dandy little gift from google. For instance, early this morning, I found out that Whoorl was lauding La Plates.

They are sooooo cute! Monogrammed melamine plates. Seriously. (The only thing that comes close are monogrammed flip flops with the palmetto middle from And y'all - the palm tree plate featured here is actually a real palmetto tree. I was just reading yesterday about turning a tailgate "green" by ending the disposable habit and bringing real stuff - not throwaway stuff. I'm not exactly sure I'd want to, as both saving dishes after a game and cleaning them out of the cooler the next day usually do not make the top of my to do list.

Whoorl is actually doing some sort of giveaway if you leave a comment cooing about the plates (which of course I did). Go - you'll like her.