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Friday, September 05, 2008

Wrapping my head around it.

Published by cck at 1:55 PM

Dear Mr. McCain:

Congratulations! I know you were having a tough time motivating your base. Ha! Just writing that seems silly considering the attention you've been getting with your VP choice. Good job! Now Republican women can feel empowered and your base has a gun-totin', all-but-fetish heels wearing, supermom. Yeah!

The only problem, John, is that she's not ready for the position. I didn't think it was the smartest thing to talk about how the veep would be a heartbeat away from the presidency, y'know - considering the whole skin cancer x 4 history. But you brought it up - fair game in my book.

You look horrified that we (and I by that I mean anyone other than those that support you) have dared to ask some questions about her background. Or her opinions. Now, as a woman I take that sort of personally... 1) Is Ms. Palin not allowed to have opinions? 2) Am I not allowed to ask questions?

Thanks for sending her to Charles Gibson - man, that is some hard hitting news. I can't wait. Now, is she going to sit down with all the rest? C'mon John... America just wants to know. We want to know about an education in Idaho, about the Bridge to Nowhere and why the city of Wasilla has a lot more furniture now.

You probably know I wasn't going to vote for you - Palin or no Palin. But John, you and your campaign have got to stop the whole indignation act. We're asking questions; we're not going to stop. It has nothing to do with the fact that your veep is a woman, a mom or an Alaskan. Except that it DOES. We want to know all of those things and how it makes her who she is. Duh! In the age of Facebook and Google - we know about everyone in our circle (and usually keep up with them - constantly).

Oh, and to everyone who tries to make this candidate all about moose stew and hockey... I could care less whether she makes her own oatmeal cookies or wears peep toe stacked heels (as much as I like to critique it). I want to know where she stands on the ERA, social security and Iran. I want to know what she means by energy independence. I don't want buzzwords - I want positions. And gosh, John, I want the mainstream media to write about that too. Duh, I'm a modern, American woman: I want it all.

Between you and me, I know that this was spectacle. Smart political showmanship. But give the American people a break. Let her go - let the barracuda loose. You're strong enough, right?


Worker Bee said...

***APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE*** Thanks for saying what so many folks are thinking. I'm horrified at the possibility of this particular woman being the one to make history by becoming our vice president. Do I think that it's about time that a woman held such a position in our government? Of course...I'd love to see a woman president actually. But not just for the sake of having one make history. I want the first woman vice president or president to be intelligent and inspiring, not dogged by controversy and lacking substance. As a woman, as an American, I want more than that.

CCK said...

As women, as Americans, we deserve more than that.

Ella Jane's Momma said...

Amen, sista! Couldn't have been said better!