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Sunday, January 11, 2009

gism, weekend wrap up

Published by cck at 8:01 PM

Ladies & Gents - this has been a jam-packed few weeks. Christmas, NYE, my birthday... and next weekend we get ready to celebrate a new administration and a newly challenged leader. It's too good to be true!

I feel like I spent this past weekend driving - we headed south for a wedding. I think weddings are romantic. After meeting my husband at a wedding, it seems as though the cheesy-factor goes through the roof. I love seeing two people who are well matched entering into this covenant. This wedding was gorgeous -- the bride was all glow-y and the groom had the best poker face I have ever seen. I got to hang out with old (and new friends) and thoroughly enjoyed watching The Tambourine. JFC, I will come down for a Saturday. Or hook up the Wii for a double date (and I feel a little silly writing that out. Holla.).

Also, this whole grace in small things thing... I feel silly making a list every day. Mainly because, weaving through this whole blog thing, are little elements of where I find grace. In my husband who brings me a diet coke for a Friday surprise. In the relief of being appropriately dressed for a wedding (can you believe someone wore WHITE?). In a new dog toy that is stuffing free. In the card my parents-in-law gave me, the one that makes me feel like a real part of the family. In the sweetness of three birthday cakes. In the strength of surviving another year - growing in my faith, growing as a person and getting past that which holds me back.

I see grace in so many ways - okay, so a list is a definite way of making a point of the whole thing. Pausing to take notice. etc. I might not do it every day, but in case you were wondering, I've never had to do something every day for it to be real.

ps. Would you ever ever wear white to a wedding? One that wasn't your own?


BellaFrench said...

I must say, I would wear white to a wedding that was not my own. I make up the rules as I go and usually to suit me :)

cck said...

Ms. S - that is brave, way brave. Love it!