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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Published by cck at 9:54 PM

I wonder if this whole grace thing isn't some elaborate ploy to develop a daily blogging habit. Hence why I wish I could figure out a way to keep it on the side nav. Regardless, I had a wonderful thing happen to me: around 1 pm when I swung by McD's to purchase my first diet coke of the day (large, light ice) I realized how grateful I was in all the elements that made it possible - a short line, money, a car (you can't walk through the drive thru), the gift of literacy and sight and a body that can handle the intake of one diet coke a day. Yes, I'm down to ONE.

I'm glad I had that moment - and not just at night when I try to write this list. Yeah! Already the habit is rubbing off...
1. Beating K. at Wii Bowling. Still have a lot to learn about boxing.
2. Living in a place where flip flops are not just tolerated, but encouraged.
3. Refund checks that appear out of the blue.
4. New OPI for Sephora (metro chic) nail polish, sort of cross between gray flannel and lavender.
5. Pictures from NYE where I look fantastic instead of fat (and I don't feel bad about saying that, as I am only a few days away from getting closer to thirty, sort of).