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Monday, January 05, 2009


Published by cck at 8:19 PM

Hi. Hopefully the return to the real world after your holiday was easier than mine. I am exhausted and am contemplating heading to bed and letting the DVR do the heavy lifting tonight. Also, if any of you brilliant people out there could help me out... I like this whole grace in small things thing, but I wish I could keep it on the side bar, instead of having to post it every day in the main content section. Yes, me = weird. Any thoughts?

Small Things, January 5, 2009
- a sweet husband who scurries to get a cold diet coke in the morning
- a day without carbs (almost made it 24 hours!)
- my bargain Goodwill-found ottoman
- dwindling countdown till seeing my aunts at the beach
- mail: three cards that didn't make me pause and five thick glossy catalogs that did