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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happiness, pt 2

Published by cck at 9:53 AM

The night I met my husband, we had to sign a large bowl in the manner of celebrating the next day's marriage ceremony. While my husband scrawled "Live long and prosper," I wished the happy couple many happinesses. However, I misspelled (in the irony of ironies) the word happiness. (Yes, it was hapiness and yes, I was embarrassed).

Driving home yesterday evening, we were talking about how lucky we are. I have high hopes for this year and am hoping for two major life events to fall in the next twelve months. I would accept more major life events, but there are two I'm particularly looking forward to. So where am I going with all this vagueness?

I am happy. I feel like shouting it from the rooftops. Some of my family thought it was funny that I was keeping a running chart of consecutive days of happiness. But I am, and I have been happy for more than two months. I am relaxing more often and - dare I say it - with ease. This is huge for me people, HUGE.

So, when Whoorl started this whole daily Grace in Small Things I thought it sounded interesting, if a little tedious. I read Schmutzie's post about the idea in general and similar feelings of Oprah-like cheesiness. But last night a post slid by on my Google Reader and I thought - you know what, I would really like to try that. My 2009 goals are to stop drinking caffeine and get a new puppy. Perhaps a little something more substantial is in line?

So, here goes - Grace in small things...
1. Cold Diet Coke in the morning.
2. Long car drives when I get to spend time with my husband.
3. Proper packing crates for Christmas ornaments.
4. Ordering Wii Rock Band as a birthday present to myself.
5. Being home, in my home, after two weeks.


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