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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Alex - Bride or CFO?

Published by cck at 10:51 AM

I realize that I am more of a feminist than many of my friends and colleagues. I get that. However, yesterday at the ceremony, after Alex Sink was sworn into office as the Chief Financial Officer of the fourth-largest state in the union, her husband (also a former candidate for Governor) was told to kiss the CFO.

Many in the audience laughed, giggled and whooped it up. Good for them. I thought it was entirely inappropriate. There are four state-wide constitutionally elected leaders in Florida -- the Governor, Attorney General, CFO and the Agriculture guy. Alex Sink is the first woman to be elected to one of these posts. We have a Lt Guv too, but they are not elected per se. And Jeb Bush had a woman as his Lt Guv, but again - not elected per se.

It irks me. The judges that swore in the other officials didn't mention kissing or hugging or any such nonsense. The other men were not asked to kiss their wives or children or any other bystander. In fact, it irked me more that the judge didn't tell Alex she could kiss her husband - it was the other way around. She could be kissed, even more passive.

Damn it to hell. For example, I hate it when articles about politicians start out, "She wore a lovely light pink suit..." I don't give a shit or a dollar what she's wearing, what she looks like or if she colors her hair... And yet, when men are similarly interviewed, their appearance is often overlooked or buried in the seventeenth paragraph. There's a study somewhere that backs this up, I remember reading about buy - at this moment - I am entirely too lazy to go look it up.

So, unless the judge that swore her in yesterday is also the same person who married her, I see no reason why that comment was made. Cute? Sure, maybe - but inappropriate. And, in the end, sexist and offensive. Please, someone agree with me.


Anonymous said...

i concur wholeheartedly.

ms. gen