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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

But I don't even believe in the Devil!

Published by cck at 9:24 PM

Last night I had a dream about the Devil. It was the weirdest thing -- I don't even believe in the Devil. I mean, Satan - sure - the whole history/mythology of a fallen angel I understand. But a hell? A movie version of a flaming pit? Nope, I don't think so.

And so, it was weird that I had a dream about the Devil in general. I kept trying to figure out if I had listened to the Devil Went Down to Georgia before falling asleep. Or perhaps had inadvertently watched some weird version of Futurama. Then, on my way to work this morning, I frequented the local McDee's to procure a draft diet coke. My total for the purchase? $6.66. (I had also purchased an egg mcmuffin and coke for a friend). But, seriously - 666? Is someone trying to tell me something?

I thought I was in for an awful day - and, surprisingly enough, it wasn't. It was actually a really good day. Quite worthwhile and productive. Until, of course - it came down to having a wedding conversation with the fiance.

I do not get it. Is it a gender thing? Are guys afraid of having retribution from non-married friends? "Duuuude, did you seriously pick out lavender cocktail napkins? How gay!" I'm not asking him to wear tiny hearts on his tux or have anything to do with pink. What is the f'in deal?

And so, that might be where the warning from the devil comes in -- beware of the fiance who wants big but won't plan big. Sigh.

That -- and if anyone has any freakin' idea of how to word an engagement announcement that does not start with the names of the bride's parents, please let me know.


Durkin said...

So I have been replaced in your dreams by the Devil?
Eh, we have a beer once a week so I will tell him to stop worming in on my territory.