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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A House Divided.

Published by cck at 9:19 PM

I'm downstairs - working on a GoLive project, watching SATC and drinking my third glass of wine. The Guy is upstairs watching the presidential idiot attempt to raise his ratings. I would have watched it; really, I would. Except that the Guy has to watch it on FOX. I refused, flat out. It's bad enough that I have to wake up to Preston Scott.

Last year, I watched the State of the Union. I blogged about the State of the Union. I even cared about the State of the Union. This year, not so much. I could care less and that sort of bothers me. I should care - I should care what that man in the bubble/oval plans to do about the messes he's created. And yet, I've got nothing. I'm movin' on.

To where, I'm not so sure.

Meanwhile, I'm also searching for a dress. I have two weddings in March. I would love to avoid buying two dresses, but I don't think that's going to happen. One wedding, early March is an evening dressy type of affair. And the other, in late March, is sort of dressy - but mid-afternoon. Egads! What is a girl to do!