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Thursday, January 25, 2007

FYI South Carolina:

Published by cck at 7:07 AM

This is what I have been waiting for... Carol Khare Fowler announced that she is running for Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

I got an email the other day, asking if I was going to support her. In my mind, no one in South Carolina could return the pride and record of success to our party like Fowler. She has the experience and knowledge to make our efforts viable.

It's no secret that I do not care for Chairman Erwin. And, I'm pretty sure it's no secret he does not care for me. My biggest complaint was that he was exclusive. He existed in a well decorated cubicle, thinking of ways to brand a water bottle --- instead of thinking of ways to reach the vast populations of Democrats of South Carolina.

I've always been puzzled by the folks in South Carolina who are not Dems. Objectively, even with social issues, I wonder -- why would this man or woman side with Republicans? Of all folks who I believe can craft a message -- a palatable, interesting, energetic and far-reaching message -- it's Carol Khare Fowler.

She is above exclusivity. She reaches all audiences - Men and women, Blacks and whites, old and young. And she does it with respect and interest. She listens. And, most importantly, she acts. I am so excited that she is running. I am so thankful that she wants to do this job. And, most importantly, I have faith and hope that the South Carolina Democratic Party will do the work it has to do to make South Carolina a better place.